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Amber represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015
Amber represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015
Photo: EBU

Amber is all set to go

Amber was back at the Wiener Stadthalle this morning for her second rehearsal of the song Warrior. Once again it seems she has brought the sunshine from the Mediterranean island with her to Vienna.

There are some nice overhead camera shots in the presentation of the song Warrior, showing the floor level LEDs, with the flame like effects shooting outwards.

Everything looked very smooth and polished on the various run-throughs of the second rehearsal session. The Maltese delegation then took the opportunity to watch the rehearsals back in the viewing room, prior to their press conference.

Earlier, whilst she was getting her hair and make-up attended to in her dressing room, we took the opportunity to have a quick chat with Amber.


Amber from Malta getting ready backstage.
Amber from Malta getting ready backstage. © Thomas Hanses (EBU)

From her own point of view Amber was very happy with the first rehearsal that she had on Wednesday, and doesn't have any changes planned for her second rehearsal.

The Maltese delegation, headed by Anton Attard, were also pleased with the first rehearsal, and said that only minor tweaks were required ahead of the second rehearsal.

Few artists have waited as long to perform their song on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest. Malta took the decision to hold their national selection last November, just one week after their successful staging of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. 

Meet and greet

Now that she is finally in Vienna, she had a chance to meet some of her fellow competitors. She met several of the other artists on Wednesday during the first round of rehearsals, and she also met John Karayiannis from Cyprus who came round to her hotel, and brought her some roses. Talk of the  competition was set aside as the two representatives of Mediterranean islands talked about their common interests, including music of course.

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From Amber to Amber

At the press conference, Amber said that the song Warrior was dedicated to children around the world who are vulnerable. In particular to one four year old girl called Amber, whom she knew, who sadly lost her battle with cancer, and Amber promised to dedicate the song to her.

Amber herself faced a challenge of her own recently, when she undertook a free fall parachute jump, which she described as an "amazing experience" and "it was fun".

Even though she only took her first singing lesson at the age of 17, Amber has notched up five consecutive appearances in the Maltese national selection shows. She was asked what her favourite song was, (excluding Warrior), and she replied the first one in 2011 Catch 22, which suited her musical style of jazz with rhythm and blues.



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