Amaury Vassili (France) 1st press conference (Big Five)

Amaury's staging may be the simplest of the 43 Eurovision competitors. Amaury is alone on stage, wearing a maritime style navy jacket with gold buttons. The LED display behind him shows romantic swirling night-time clouds, gradually giving way to a dawn sunrise. However: “In the competition, simplicity may be the best weapon.”

France has not won the contest since 1977, when Marie Myriam took the title with L'oiseau et l'enfant. Marie presented Amaury with a good-luck talisman in the shape of a fist, having also received one from a friend before her own winning performance.

When asked which song was his favourite for the Contest, Amaury responded with impeccable Gallic logic: “We discussed it beforehand and agreed that if anyone asked me my favourite song I would say 'my own' because otherwise I would not sing it.”

The French delegation realized that they are taking a risk, given that the classical-style Sognu does not fit the typical Eurovision pop standard in terms of genre or language, but they are nevertheless hopeful that Amaury's tenor voice and the beauty of the song will carry the day.

Corsicans are honoured to have a non-Corsican born performer singing in their language. The choice is unusual, but it is not the first time that a French singer has sung in Corsican in the Eurovision Song Contest. Patrick Fiori sang Mama Corsica for France in 1993 and took 4th place with 121 points.

During the press conference, Amaury was presented with a surprise award from Greece's Eurovision Fan Club for his album 'Cantero', which hit No. 1 on the Greek music charts.

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