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Amandine: Simplicity is the key

The performance of the French pop rock artist Amandine Bourgeois looked a bit different during the rehearsal on Eurovision stage in Malmö Arena today. We wondered why and will there be any more changes?

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“In this case simplicity is the key. It is a simple, but still powerful rock love song. We don’t need to make it complicated”, Marie Claire Mezerette, Head of Entertainment at France 3 explained. “She wants to express how angry she is with what happened in that love story, Amandine is singing about. We are going to change few things, as we want to show more drama in the performance.”

"Second rehearsal was great"

The rock diva from France wears a grey dress and black high heels. In the background there’s a lot of red, yellow and orange light. Different camera angles are keeping artist’s “anger” in the focus. “For us the most important thing is to follow the power of the song”, Mezerette said.

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“Amandine is a great performer and she has a powerful voice, there’s no really need for way too much special effects, but we will change the light a bit, just to get the right atmosphere.”

This song fits me perfectly!

The French contestant is completely satisfied with the second rehearsal today. “It felt good, it was great. I saw my performance in the viewing room and I’m satisfied”, Amandine stated in the Press conference.

One of the first questions that seemed like one of the most important ones was, what she is going to wear on Saturday in Eurovision's Grand Final: “Actually, it’s not a secret, I will wear, what I was wearing on stage today. It’s a dress designed by famous French designer Jean-Claude Jitrois. He is known also by his outfits done for Lady Gaga”, she replied.

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Since she took part in French Idol, Amandine Bourgeois’s life has changed completely. “It helped me a lot. Especially to get used to the pressure and also how to behave in front of the cameras. It also helped me in my career. We published two albums and I had a lot of concerts.”

France was drawn to perform in the first half of the Grand Final.