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Amandine shows the other side of love

12 May 2013 at 13:00 CEST

Before her first rehearsal, Amandine Bourgeois told that she was ready and excited to go on stage. She was wearing dark trousers and a leather jacket, and she looked very relaxed.

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French is often considered the language of love and romance but Amandine's song L'Enfer Et Moi has a very strong, even slightly aggressive sound and lyrics. "There are always two sides of love", she explained before her rehearsal. "On the one hand there is love, and then there is passion. My song is about this other side of love."

When she started with her soundcheck, even the technicians seemed to be astonished by the power and volume of Amandine's voice! In the rehearsal, Amandine was standing in the front of the stage, with her three backing vocals behind her. She was playing with the microphone stand and when both the song and the vocal performance built up toward the end.

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The projections on the stage backdrop seemed to visualise the lyrics of the song, the chorus of which translates as "I'll give you hell": It was showing flames and steam on a black background. At the same time, red spotlights were flickering in the stage background.

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