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Amandine Bourgeois: From being fragile to a femme fatale

17 May 2013 at 20:11 CEST

How do you prepare for the Grand Final? – That was the first question for Amandine Bourgeois. She simply showed her talisman, a cuddly toy duck.

On the fact that she will perform first in the Grand Final, Amandine Bourgeois stated: "When I saw that this morning, I didn’t know what to say yet. Now after the rehearsal, I think it’s cool because after my performance I can enjoy myself and drink with my friends. I’m a bit nervous and under pressure now, that’s why I am a bit crazy now." 

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The head of the French delegation, Frédéric Valencak, commented on the popularity of the Eurovision Song Contest in France: "It’s very popular right now, we have about 5 million viewers in average."

"It’s a great honour to represent France. When I was asked to write the lyrics, I never believed that we would make it, as the song wasn’t really in Eurovision format. Even when I was already on the plane to Malmö, I still couldn’t believe it. The last time I was in Sweden, it was for Eurovision Song Contest as well, in 1975, representing Monaco", the lyricist Boris Bergman explained.

When she was asked about how she prepares for the big night, Amandine explained: "I feel pretty fragile today, I hope that I can turn this fragility into power and confidence until tomorrow night."

"Tomorrow, my whole family will come here, so I will be very happy. My little sister, my mother – I can’t wait", Amandine said on her family support tomorrow.

The last question was about the official video to L’Enfer Et Moi, where Amandine acts quite angry. She explained: "In my video I’m a witch – a nice witch, who loves a man, who wants to put a spell on a man. I can be very fragile but with men, I can turn into a femme fatale."