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Alyona Lanskaya to represent Belarus in Malmö!

07 December 2012 at 22:42 CET

Tonight's show kicked off with a stylish dance choreography, which already gained a huge applause from the public in the BTRC Studio in Minsk. The Belarusian final was presented by Olga Ryzhikova and Denis Dudinsky.

Ten entrants were fighting to win the honour of representing Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest tonight. Their performances provided a great range of musical styles - from rock to latin pop - and entertaining stage acts: Dariya's entry reminded of the 1920s, Beaver Band presented a funny ethnic song, and one of the band members of Nuteki was even lifted above the stage on a rope while a backing artist in a metal costume was walking on stilts!

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In the break between the competing songs and the voting, the public was treated with performances of three popular Belarusian music acts: Aleksandra & Konstantin, Gunesh, and Koldun.

In the end, a joint decision of a professional jury and the televoting public led to the winning act that will go on to represent Belarus in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

This was the line-up of tonight's final (in order of appearance, in brackets: televoting points + jury points= total, placing):

  • Vitaliy Voronko - I Wonder How You (5+2=7, 9.)
  • Max Lawrence - I Love Your Charming Eyes (6+5=11, 5.)
  • Alyona Lanskaya - Rhythm Of Love (12+12=24, 1.)
  • Yankey - Letter To Mother (2+8=10, 7.)
  • Beaver Band - Incredible Girl (3+1=4, 10.)
  • Daria - Catch Me Again (1+10=11, 6.)
  • Uzari - Secret (4+3=7, 8.)
  • Alexei Gross - One Way Love (7+4=11, 4.)
  • Nuteki - Save Me (10+7=17, 2.)
  • Satsura - Get Out Of My Way (8+6=14, 3.)

Thus, Belarus will be represented by a modern and energetic song, Rhythm Of Love, by Alyona Lanskaya! She received the maximum 12 points by both the jury and the public.

Before the winning entry was performed again, Alyona Lanskaya received a crystal trophy symbolizing a heart, the logo symbol of the Eurovision Song Contest. Will she receive yet another trophy in Malmö next May? We shall find out in a bit more than five months from now!

If you missed the Belarusian final, you can watch it again online in our ESCTV Player!