Alpine sounds meet rock & roll for Slovenia

The look today is casual, so very little is given away regarding the costumes for the actual Semi-Final performance. The group comprises of the male and female lead vocal  who move around the stage a lot during the song. The rest of the band are made up of musicians which comprise a guitarist, accordion player, cellist and electric guitar player.

At the opening of the performance the lead male and female vocalists are hidden behind the other musicians and jump out as the music begins. The backdrop is dark with alternating red and white flashing spotlights. The song is an interesting combination of traditional alpine music mixed together and interspersed with bursts of rock and roll.


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Bringing something different to the Eurovision stage

During the press conference after the rehearsals, the group said that they had first met in the studio, after the song had already been arranged. They were glad to have the chance to showcase their music in the national EMA selection in Slovenia as this is the biggest music event of the year.

After some encouragement from the press conference announcer, the group performed an acapella version of their entry with no instruments. The male lead singer said "The song is about enjoying life in the world, no matter that we are all very different people, lets bring something different to the Eurovision Song Contest, and show our energy on stage."

When asked about who their favourites were amongst their other competitors, the group collectively said that they liked the songs of Azerbaijan, Portugal and Norway. Prior to arriving in Oslo, the band confirmed that they had done some promotional touring but only in Amsterdam and Zagreb. Commentator Andrej Hofer joked "We were planning to visit 30 countries, but it's all the fault of the Icelandic volcano that we couldn't do it!"

When asked about which countries the band feel may like their music best, the band said "All of those who can't vote for us any more, like Germany, Austria who don't compete, maybe we will get some from Switzerland!!"

Ansambel Žlindra & Kalamari revealed that they won their national selection quite convincingly. In Slovenia a system of only one vote per phone line was adopted. Despite that restriction, the band still gained over 14000 votes in the ten minute voting window, compared to just over 3000 for the runner up.

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The Slovene representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 harmoniously amalgamate two music genres, as the title of the song states: Popular Folk Rock. The Ansambel Žlindra represents the first part of the song, popular folk. Rok Žlindra has performed at different events with his accordion since a young age, but his greatest wish was to have his own musical group. Rok therefore invited their singer Barbara to join him. At a party, he met Rok Modic and through him Nejc Drobnič. Their debut as a group was followed by numerous festivals and awards. In 2007, they released their first CD with 13 songs entitled Najlepše Je, Kadar Sva Skupaj. The Kalamari group on the other sidestarted off in November 1993, when three of the members joined forces for a few performances.  In 1995, they released their first CD entitled Dobra Vila. The CD contained a few radio hits aside from the title song, but they gained wider recognition in Slovenia through the release of their second CD entitled S Tabo Držim. Their most recent CD, their 7th altogether, was released in November 2009.

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