Almost all Swedish singers known!

The 6 artists named today were the following:

  •  Anna Sahlene and Maria Haukaas Storeng will sing Killing Me Tenderly
  •  Cookies'n'Beans will sing What If
  •  Nina Söderquist will sing Tick Tock
  •  Scotts will sing Jag Tror På Oss
  •  Susanne Alvengren will sing Du Är Älskad Där Du Går
  •  Thorleifs will sing Sweet Kissin' In The Moonlight

This week's surprise is the duet of Anna Sahlene - Estonia's singer in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest - and Maria Haukaas Storeng who came fifth in this year's contest, representing Norway. 30 of 32 artists have been revealed for the 2009 edition of the Swedish final now with the two last acts expected to be known later this week. Among the rumoured artists are Orup - composer of Lena Philipsson's Det Gör Ont in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 - the boyband E.M.D whose member Danny Saucedo represented Sweden in this year's Eurovision Dance Contest and Johan Becker.

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