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Alma from France is in pursuit of eternal love

05 May 2017 at 20:58 CEST
France rehearsal 2017 Thomas Hanses
France's Alma will perform 'Requiem' at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The singer believes that love helps people overcome any hardships they may face.

France's representative took to the stage for the first time this afternoon in Kyiv. spoke to her when she was in her dressing room. "Meeting the contestants is one of the most enjoyable aspects about participating in the contest. Eurovision breaks boundaries between countries and brings people together," she said. 

Passion for music

It was when Alma was living abroad that she wrote her first songs while pursuing her studies. After getting her business school degree, she devoted herself to her lifelong passion: music. "I was unhappy with my job; one morning I woke up and realised I wanted to make music," she said. Alma explained that it took time for her to make it in the industry: "It took me five years to get where I am, you need patience and talent."

Eternal love 

The French singer believes that love is eternal. It is the reason she performs Requiem this year and strives to spread her message to the audience. "Love is everything we need to be happy through chaos," stated Alma. The singer is going to take the audience on a trip to Paris as her entry will incorporate impressive graphics of the French capital.  

First album released 

Alma has just released her brand new album, also called Requiem. "It’s a kind of my diary, I talk a lot about my relationship, but it was a complicated one so I have a lot to talk about," she explained excitedly.

Requiem is a different style of song to what the title suggests: "I like the contrast between the title and the mood of this song as the actual message inside is very positive". Alma said that it was her mentor Amir, French representative at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, who taught her to enjoy every moment of the experience. She seems to have followed his advice and posted a photograph of her journey to Kyiv on her Instagram account:

As one of the so-called Big Five, France's Alma is automatically qualified to perform in the Grand Final on Saturday, 13th May.