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Allez Ola Olé - c'est la France!

22 May 2010 at 19:28 CEST
Jessy Matador's 'Allez Ola Olé' became a summerhit after the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 EBU

The French delegation had told before the rehearsal that they wanted to create an African atmosphere on stage and they certainly managed to do so in Jessy Matador's first rehearsal today!

France's team on stage in the 55th Eurovision Song Contest consist of Jessy Matador himself, two backing singers - one male, one female -  and three backing singers, one of them being female. From the very start of the song, Jessy and his dancers embark on a very catchy and infectious dance routine with lots of synchronised moves. All of them were wearing casual clothes today with no hints yet what there will wear in the Grand Final on the 29th of May.

The female backing singer is joining Jessy Matador at the centre of the stage at the beginning of the song, but moves back to her position on the side later on. Her male counterpart also joins the action in the centre when he rips off his t-shirt and does some acrobatic moves in line with the dancers. Jessy himself runs on the catwalk toward the end of the song while making direct eye-contact with the cameras.

The lighting in the arena is being held in yellow with the word "Allez" being displayed now and then. Additionally, smoke was being used in one of the last takes as well.

An extra instrumental break has been added into the song which the singers used to display some extravagant dance moves. The song ended in a very special way too as the singers and dancers didn't just stop when the song finished, but continued their dance routine for some more seconds.


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A big star in Africa

The head of the French delegation Bruno Berberes, presented the French team at the start of the press conference, Jessy Matador and his 5 backings. Bruno explained that it's the first time that France would be represented by an African-rooted singer who'd be very successful in many African countries.

Jessy Matador revealed that he felt very good and in good hands with Norwegian broadcaster NRK. When asked if the party atmosphere of the song would help him in scoring well, Jessy answered that the result wouldn't depend on him, but he would do his best and he would be very proud to represent France.

Bruno Berberes explained that the French broadcaster's main task this year was to create a summer hit which would be played throughout France. It  would be an unusual choice for France as the country mostly sends ballads.

Jessy Matador disclosed that his favourite song in this year's Eurovision Song Contest would be Greece, and he added that from former entries of the Eurovision Song Contest, he liked Lordi's entry from 2006 most. As for the differences between African and European music, Jessy thinks that African music mostly have a party theme, and it is different in European music.

The French press conference ended with an African-styled performance of the French team.

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Trying to win the European hearts with a real summer smash, France handpicked the charismatic singer Jessy Matador. Jessy began his artistic career as a dancer in 2001. His artistic concept is a mixture of several styles, inspired by the famous African - Ivorian music ranging from hip-hop, Jamaican dancehall and zouk. He made his debut in a group called Les Coeurs Brisés with who he has performed all over the world. He started his singing career in 2008 and has scored a summer hit with the song Decale Gwada. Jessy is currently in the studio finishing his new album.