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All you need to know about the final night of Italy's 'Sanremo'

09 February 2024 at 17:45 CET
Marco Mengoni from Italy attending the Turquoise Carpet event at St. George’s Hall, Liverpool. Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU
The 74th 'Festival di Sanremo' will have its winner on Saturday night; here's your handy guide on what to expect throughout the show, and how it all concludes in the early hours of the morning.

How To Watch: You can watch the final night of 'Sanremo' on Saturday 10 February. Get seated for a 20:40 CET start time, and get comfortable - the show is expected to finish just before 02:00 the next morning. You can watch the whole event live on broadcaster Rai's online player.

It's the only song festival around that makes us feel positively youthful in comparison. And so as the Eurovision Song Contest looks ahead to its 68th year in May, we settle down to enjoy the 74th edition of Italy's Sanremo on Saturday night. 

The prestigious song competition has been ongoing all week, with the final night on Saturday serving as the exciting conclusion of the event that is watched by millions annually. The gala evening will be coming to us live from the iconic Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, Liguria. 

This year, the amount of songs taking part has risen from the usual 28 to a bumper lineup of 30. All 30 of these songs will be performed at Saturday night's final show.

For the Italians (and the many international viewers!) who have been watching all week, Saturday night's performances will be the third time that they'll have seen the songs presented live. 

On Tuesday 6 February's opening night, all 30 of the songs were performed for the first time. And at Wednesday and Thursday night's shows, 15 of the songs were performed a second time in each show. Friday night at Sanremo 2024 sees the 30 artists perform duets with other music acts. And then on Saturday it's back to the business at hand - the 30 brand-new compositions that are competing for the trophy at the 74th Festival di Sanremo.

Vanity Fair Italia

We'll be in more than capable hands as we watch on Saturday night - as the beloved host Amadeus is back on presenting duties once more in 2024.  Amadeus will be joined by Rosario Fiorello, and together they'll take us through the songs and all of the guest performers, before finally bringing us the voting and the results. 

Guest performers on the night will include Roberto Bolle, Tananai, Tedua and none other than Gigliola Cinquetti, who is expected to perform her Eurovision Song Contest 1964 winning song (and the Sanremo 1964 winning entry too!) Non Ho L'Eta.

With the festival having been in full swing throughout the week, voting on the songs is already well underway! 

On Tuesday night, all 30 songs were voted on by a jury of members of the press. Then, on Wednesday and Thursday, further voting on the 30 songs was undertaken by a public vote and another jury vote, this time made up of radio broadcasters. Now, on Saturday night, it will be the public watching at home who will be able to vote on the 30 songs once again.

Saturday night's votes from the public will be added to all of the scores given throughout the week, and a new ranking will be determined. This ranking will present a Top 5 songs of the year. Then, all 5 of these top scorers will be performed again and the voting will be reset to zero and opened once more.

The winner of the 74th Festival di Sanremo will then be decided via a public vote (34%), a vote from the jury of radio broadcasters  (33%) and a vote from the jury of members of the press (33%).

Mahmood & Blanco win 'Festival di Sanremo' in 2022 Rai

As in previous years, the winner of Sanremo 2024 might not be Italy's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

Traditionally, broadcaster Rai will ask the winning artist if they would like to represent their country at the Contest or not. Confirmation on the artist's participation is normally given at some point between shortly after the announcement of the result and during the official press conference hosted by Rai the following afternoon.

The 30 songs in contention for the win were released on the morning of Wednesday 7 February. And such is the popularity of Sanremo in its country, the next day on Spotify Italy's daily chart saw all of the songs occupying each of the Top 30 positions. 

Spotify also stated that on Wednesday 7 February, the official Sanremo 2024 playlist was the most listened to that day, globally. 

You can listen to all 30 songs below, via the performances of each of them that were given on Sanremo's opening night, on Tuesday 6 February.

Among the lineup of artists, we have plenty of performers who have graced the Sanremo stage before, and also a few who have performed at the Eurovision Song Contest, too!

Mahmood, who represented Italy in 2019 and 2022, has returned to participate, as has Il Volo, who gave Italy a third-place finish at Vienna 2015 with their song Grande Amore. Emma, who Eurovision fans will remember from the bolsterous La Mia Città back in 2014, is participating, too.

And if you're fortunate enough to be able to cast your memory back to the Eurovision Song Contest 1978, then you might well be pleased to see that the Italian act that year - the band Ricchi e Poveri - are in the running to head to Eurovision once again! Back at Paris 1978, the Genoa group finished in 12th place with their song Questo Amore.

We can also welcome back Diodato, who won Sanremo in 2020 and was all set to head to Rotterdam for Italy, before the Contest was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Diotado did thankfully get to perform his song Fai Rumore to Eurovision audiences in the end, however; as an interval act at the First Semi-Final when Italy hosted the Contest in Turin in 2022.

The 30 songs competing in Sanremo 2024

Ghali – Casa Mia

Alessandra Amoroso – Fino a Qui

Gazzelle – Tutto Qui

Ricchi e Poveri – Ma Non Tutta La Vita

Dargen d’Amico – Onda Alta

Angelina Mango – La Noia

Fred De Palma – Il Cielo Non Ci Vuole

Fiorella Mannoia – Mariposa

Loredana Bertè – Pazza

Mr Rain – Due Altalene

Geolier – I p’me, Tu p’ te

Negramaro – Ricominciamo Tutto

Rose Villain – Click Boom!

Mahmood – Tuta Gold

Diodato – Ti Muovi

Annalisa – Sinceramente

Il Volo – Capolavoro

Emma – Apnea

Francesco Renga & Nek – Pazzo Di Te

La Sad – Autodistruttivo

Irama – Tu No

BigMama – La Rabbia Non Ti Basta

The Kolors – Un Ragazzo Una Ragazza

Sangiovanni – Finiscimi

Il Tre – Fragili

Alfa – Vai!

Maninni – Spettacolare

Santi Francesi – L’amore In Bocca

Clara – Diamanti Grezzi

BNKR44 – Governo Punk

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, Sanremo 2023 winner Marco Mengoni gave Italy a 4th-place finish with his captivating performance of the song Due Vite.  

You can listen to all 37 songs of Eurovision 2024 via your favourite streaming service or watch the music videos on our YouTube channel.

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden on Tuesday 7 May (First Semi-Final), Thursday 9 May (Second Semi-Final) and Saturday 11 May (Grand Final) 2024.

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