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All you need to know about Norway's 'Melodi Grand Prix' final

01 February 2024 at 15:12 CET
Alessandra from Norway attending the Turquoise Carpet event at St. George’s Hall, Liverpool. Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU
Get up to speed on Saturday night's final of 'Melodi Grand Prix 2023', as Norway prepares to select its entry for Malmö.

How To Watch: Norway's 'Melodi Grand Prix' final is happening on Saturday 3 February, and starts at 19:50 CET. Wherever you are in the world, you'll be able to stream it live via broadcaster NRK's 'Melodi Grand Prix' website.

We're off to the Spektrum Arena in Trondheim, Norway, on Saturday night, as the Nordic nation gears up to find its entry to 68th Eurovision Song Contest in May.

It's been a riveting ride in getting here, as broadcaster NRK has hosted three Melodi Grand Prix semi-finals since the beginning of the year, with each playing its part in deciding the lineup of this final.

A total of 18 songs made up the starting lineup when NRK announced it in early January. And with three songs progressing to the final from each semi-final, we now have 9 songs in contention to represent Norway in Malmö.

The finalists of Melodi Grand Prix 2024 NRK / Julia Marie Naglestad

Voting on those 9 songs in the Melodi Grand Prix final will be done via a combination of a public vote and a jury vote, but with a slightly higher leaning towards what the public think. Norwegian voters will have a 60% say in the song that will represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest, while the jury will account for 40% of the result.

We'll have two hosts helpfully taking us through all of the hits and the happenings on the night. Marion Ravn and Fredrik Solvang are well into their stride by now - they've also been fronting each of the semi-finals over the past three weeks leading up to this.

The hosts of Melodi Grand Prix 2024: Marion Ravn and Fredrik Solvang. Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

Now, the songs.

One of these 9 will be Norway's entry to the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. You can listen to them ahead of the final right here, in the order that they'll be performed in on the night:

KEiiNO – Damdiggida

5 years have passed since KEiiNO combined original Norwegian melodies, joik and danceable pop for the first time, and the unique sound has since gained a large international audience. Since KEiiNO won the viewers' hearts at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, they have released 28 songs, topped the charts, become radio favourites, won awards and been nominated at the Norwegian Grammys - the Spellemann Awards. 

Most of the trio's 150 million plays on Spotify and YouTube come from abroad. Among other international achievements, KEiiNO has toured Australia twice and played to large crowds in Europe several times.

For Alexandra, Fred and Tom, Melodi Grand Prix is the European pop championship. When they came up with a song they thought would be able to engage a lot of people, they decided they would make another attempt to take home the victory. Damdiggida is about the feeling you get when things just click, when you are in the zone and can't help but smile. What gives you a sense of Damdiggida is different from person to person, but the feeling is one that unites us all. 

Annprincess – Save Me

Annprincess is an artist and songwriter from Lier. Originally from Liberia, the singer fled to Norway with her mother when she was just 7 years old. Now 32, she loves writing songs that make others feel strong, seen and heard. 

Annprincess signed up for Norske Talenter when she was in her teens and took part in The Voice in 2022. Annprincess turned to music professionally in 2019, after studying psychology.  

Annprincess is now ready to participate in Melodi Grand Prix. The song Save Me is about the loneliness you feel when others point out how different you are. The composition is also about accepting it, however, and standing up for yourself.

Gothminister – We Come Alive

GOTHMINISTER is Bjørn Alexander Brem's alter ego. During the day, the Oslo-based man works as a lawyer, but at night, GOTHMINISTER appears. Bjørn Alexander brings out his creative side through impressive costumes and music. GOTHMINISTER recently played to over 30,000 people in Germany and has toured in more than 40 countries over the years. 

Last year they released the album Pandemonium, which won the Dark Album of the Year award, and featured Rammstein and Placebo among others. GOTHMINISTER has achieved numerous chart entries in Germany and won a total of 19 international film awards for music videos.

The song We Come Alive is a collaboration with producer Jesper Borgen (Alan Walker, Coldplay), and is about the value of play, about believing in yourself and standing together against all injustice. 

Ingrid Jasmin – Eya

Music listeners met an artist quite unlike anything else on the Norwegian music scene when Ingrid Jasmin released her debut single in 2021. Her electro-acoustic mix of traditions in a modern production, performed with a characteristic vocal style, has attracted attention beyond Norway's borders; most recently mentioned by Billboard as "a totally refreshing mix of Nordic folk music, R&B and Latin".

Ingrid Jasmin grew up in Telemark, one of the core areas for Norwegian folk music, and has family ties to Latin America. She studied flamenco together with traditional Norwegian music, and thus set the tone for her debut album Luna. She won a Spellemann Award in 2022 in for this album. In addition to the Spellemann Award, the record also received wide acclaim from critics.

The trilingual artist, songwriter and producer is now ready to rock the MGP audience with the song Eya.

MIIA – Green Lights

MIIA's raw and often heartbreaking vocals have conquered many listeners around the world, beginning with the single Dynasty back in 2015. At the time of writing, the song has over 161 million streams on Spotify. 

Behind the artist name is Mia Virik Kristensen from Kragerø. Since her big breakthrough, MIIA's audience has only grown, with a community of devoted followers from all corners of the world. In 2023, MIIA lifted the veil on a new chapter, with a debut EP that presents with it the soul of her musical journey. 

Now, she is participating at MGP with the ballad Green Lights, and would love to represent Norway on the Eurovision Song Contest stage.

Margaret Berger – Oblivion

Margaret Berger is a well-known name in this competition. She won MGP in 2013 and came in an impressive 4th place at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song I Feed You My Love

She has achieved a lot since she went on the Idol stage in 2004. With her critically acclaimed debut album Chameleon she was nominated at the Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) Awards. In 2006, she moved her musical expression closer to electropop with the album Pretty Scary Silver Fairy. More recently, she has explored music in her own language, which has resulted in four singles. Margaret has also been seen in, among other things, Hver gang vi møtes in 2016 and Maskorama (The Masked Singer) in 2021. 

11 years after her Eurovision Song Contest adventure, Margaret is now back in MGP with the song Oblivion.

Anne Fagermo & Dag Erik Oksvold – Judge Tenderly of Me

They first found their own tone musically during The Voice in 2023. The former competitors have subsequently collaborated on music, participated in Beat for Beat and are now ready for the MGP stage with the song Judge Tenderly of Me

Anne Fagermo has quickly made a name for herself as a talented singer and songwriter. With her distinctive voice and unique musical style, she has appeared on both large and small stages in recent years and has released several singles. Anne Fagermo has roots in the pop/rock genre, but her songs also have a country-inspired sound. She began releasing her own music in 2019 and released the live EP Stone Church Sessions in 2020.

Dag Erik Oksvold has become known for his velvety vocals and entertaining charm. He has a long artist and music career behind him; playing drums in Hver gang vi møtes, Melodi Grand Prix and other major productions. In 2021, he released his debut album Back Then, a country record that was recorded in Norway and Nashville.

Gåte – Ulveham

Gåte had its breakthrough at the start of the 2000s and would quickly become a Norwegian treasure. Their unique combination of traditional Norwegian folk music and explosive rock lifted them out of the rehearsal basement and onto some of the biggest stages. The band experienced huge success with spectacular live shows, two critically acclaimed studio albums, two EPs and a live album. During this period, Gåte sold more than 100,000 albums, went straight to the top of the VG-lista chart and won the Spellemann Award 2002 for Best Newcomer.

The critically acclaimed band took a 12-year break before making a long-awaited return in 2017. Since then, Gåte has once again delivered concerts and music to brilliant reception and reviews. Now the band is ready to stand on the MGP stage with the song Ulveham.

Erika Norwich & Super Rob – My AI

Erika Norwich is a talented songwriter and artist from Trondheim. She has made a name for herself with hits such as Til Lillebror and the EP Fra hjertet til hodet og ut. With her unconventional, honest approach to music, life and social media, Erika both provokes and touches the hearts of those who listen and see her.

In her next adventure, Erika has found an unexpected partner and best friend in Super Rob; an almost 3-metre-tall robot that has been updated with the latest AI technology. He works a bit like the digital assistant Siri. Sometimes he's downright brilliant, while other times he's just annoying. He is full of clichés and is not afraid to use them. Super Rob is here to help people and would rather just create a good atmosphere for the whole world. 

The winner of Melodi Grand Prix 2024 will have a tough act to follow in Malmö, with the trophy-holder of Melodi Grand Prix 2023 having gone on to score a top-tier result for Norway in Liverpool.

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, the Nordic nation achieved a 5th-place finish at the Grand Final thanks to Alessandra's high-tempo hit Queen of Kings.


You can listen to all 37 songs of Eurovision 2024 via your favourite streaming service or watch the music videos on our YouTube channel.

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden on Tuesday 7 May (First Semi-Final), Thursday 9 May (Second Semi-Final) and Saturday 11 May (Grand Final) 2024.

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