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All kinds of everything for John Karayiannis

16 May 2015 at 20:17 CEST
One Thing Should Have Done is the title of the Cypriot entry, and the singer John Karayiannis, had more than one thing to do this afternoon at the Wiener Stadthalle prior to his second rehearsal. We had a look at some of the things an artist has to do before going on stage.

John Karayiannis was very relaxed this afternoon, as from his point of view he just has to do exactly the same on stage as he did at the first rehearsal on Thursday. What small changes there are come from a technical point of view, such as holding the opening shots of John in black and white a bit longer than they did on the first rehearsal.

Have a look at our video and stage gallery pictures.


Gallery: Cyprus: Second rehearsal

One of the most important things to do is to have a vocal warm up before going on stage...that's if you can find the artist!

Where are you?

So, where do artists warm-up when they are at the Wiener Stadthalle? The answer is that most of them will warm up in their dressing rooms; others will warm up in the delegates lounge area but John Karayiannis today decided to have his vocal warm up in the gents toilets, standing in front of the mirror. However, this unusual location may have turned out to be an inspired choice, as he said afterwards that it had been one of his best ever vocal warm-ups!

After that it was time to get his make-up applied, and it is one of the few times that John is seen without his trademark glasses, and was there to capture the moment. There was also some larking about with his best friend Andreas Kontidis, and the composer Mike Connaris. Have a look at our backstage gallery to see what they got up to?

Gallery: Cyprus: Backstage

There was the customary short press conference after the rehearsal, and the moderator had noted that John always seems to be competitive, such as in his passion for gaming, so asked him if ever got nervous? "I'm never nervous" was his reply. He really enjoyed himself out on stage, and everything had been fine, and even watching himself back on screen in the viewing room was an opportunity to improve. 

Perhaps his experience of competing in the national heats of the Cypriot selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest at the age of 13 helped. He regarded it as a great opportunity to perform on  a smaller level. Now his chance to appear in the bigger competition is only days away now.