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Aliona Moon: "The dress? It's a secret!"

14 May 2013 at 19:44 CEST How do you feel now, just hours before the Semi-Final?

Aliona Moon: I feel very well. I should be more nervous probably, but in fact I am happy that I don’t worry too much. Your dress for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest is huge - four metres of height! Can you tell us more about it?

Aliona Moon: Pasha, Yuliana and me have been discussing different ideas about the show and costumes, we thought about how we could make it more interesting. We came up with the idea to create a long dress where we could use the projections as we did it in the national selection. I liked this idea from the very beginning and I think it worked out well. Can you give us more technical details on how it works on stage?

Aliona Moon: The dress? It is a secret but, okay - I’ll reveal it: I can fly and the dress grows itself. It’s magic! But in fact the organizers of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest helped us a lot. We wanted to do it ourselves but the technicians offered to help us. First I thought that it won’t work, honestly, but everything is fine now. Last year you were a backing vocalist of Pasha Parfeny in the Eurovision Song Contest, now you have switched the roles, and he is a backing artist for you. How did that come together?

Aliona Moon: It all started with a joke. Last year, Pasha asked me to accompany him as a backing vocalist. I liked this idea very much, but actually I already had the wish and intention to participate in Eurovision myself as a solist. We managed and in the end, the joke became reality.

This content is unfortunately no longer available What plans do you have in general concerning your future career?

Aliona Moon: In fact I am not that famous in Moldova yet. I just took part in some projects and talent shows. I think Eurovision can be a good beginning for my career. Of course I want to record new songs and clips and go higher and higher. How would you describe your musical style?

Aliona Moon: I like different music, not only ballads. It’s very important for me that this music touches my soul. It can be R&B, classical and rock music, why not? Just not hard rock. I always like to try something different and new. Last year, I loved Pasha’s song because it touched my soul. Before your arrival in Malmö, your fans organised a worldwide flashmob. Can you tell us more about it?

Aliona Moon: Yes, it was my friends’ idea. They all wanted to support me and first of all Moldova with something bright and beautiful. So they came up with the flashmob idea. First it took place in Chisinau where people lifted balloons and sky lanterns in three colours - blue, yellow and red - to the moon, as my name is Aliona Moon. Later, it happened in 13 other European cites. Afterwards, we saw videos and photos of people who were involved. And I was very pleased to watch it. It felt like I could grow wings and fly, and it gave me strength for my performance tonight. thanks Aliona Moon for taking her time for this interview, and we wish her the best of luck tonight in the First Semi-Final!