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Alfred and Amaia triumph in Spain!

30 January 2018 at 01:35 CET
Spain 2018 RTVE
Alfred and Amaia have won the Eurovision selection at the Spanish talent show 'Operación Triunfo' and will represent the country at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with their love song 'Tu Canción'.

After an exciting show, presented by Roberto Leal, five contestants battled it out for the ticket to Lisbon. Amaia, Miriam, Alfred, Aitana and Ana Guerra all participated alongside the sixth ranked contestant, Agoney, who had been given a wildcard to participate in one of the duets.

What happened?

The act and song to represent Spain in Eurovision 2018 was chosen from nine different possible combinations. Read more. Alfred and Amaia triumphed and will soon be on their way to Lisbon to represent Spain!

After the first round of voting the following made it through to the next round:

  • Aitana - Arde (Alba Reig / María Peláez)
  • Aitana & Ana Guerra - Lo Malo (Morgan & Will Simms / Brisa Fenoy)
  • Alfred & Amaia - Tu Canción (Raúl Gómez / Sylvia Santoro)

About Alfred and Amaia

Alfred (20) is from El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona). He is studying a Higher Degree in Music and the third year of the Audiovisual Communication degree. He is a musician and a cinematographer. He comes from a family of musicians. He has self-published three albums and plans to release a feature film in 2018, of which he has also written the soundtrack. One of his favourite singers is Michael Jackson.

Amaia (19) is from Pamplona (Navarra). This year she finished her high school studies and is completing a professional degree in piano but she prefers singing. She also plays the guitar, the ukulele, and drums. Among her favourite artists are Marisol and The Beatles.

Special guests

The Portuguese composer and artist Luísa Sobral, responsible for the winning song of Eurovision 2017, Salvador Sobral's Amor Pelos Dois, performed Cupido, from her latest album. Conchita Wurst sang her winning entry from 2014, Rise Like A Phoenix and Colombian reggaeton singer J. Balvin performed a medley of his latest singles, Machika and Mi gente.

The participants of Operación Triunfo also performed an interpretation of the two Spanish songs that have won the Eurovision Song Contest:  La la la by Massiel (1968) and Vivo cantando by Salomé (1969).

The talent show Operación Triunfo, also known in Spain as OT, premiered on the Spanish broadcaster, RTVE, in 2001 with the ultimate goal of being the method for selecting the Spanish entry in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest. The method was used again in 2003 and 2004. Its outstanding success brought a new wave of interest in the Eurovision Song Contest in Spain, and news of the show's return was welcomed with enthusiasm.