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Alexey from Belarus wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest

09 January 2008 at 19:50 CET

Out of 17 winners, you picked the winner of all! After Croatia, Spain, Belarus and Russia, the fifth Junior Eurovision Song Contest winner comes from Belarus again! It was a great night... we saw a great show with 17 awesome performances, a fantastic host couple, magnificent interval acts of CH!PZ, Katie Meloua and on top of that, the performance of One World.

 Millions of viewers all over Europe watched and... you have voted! Not just for your favorite, but also for children all over the world. The revenue of the voting goes to UNICEF, supporting their fantastic work across the globe.

 Visit  for more information! Did you miss a part of the show, or would you simply like to see your favorite artist over and over again? You can also watch the show over and over again on the website!