Alexej Vorobjov (Russia) 2nd press conference

RedOne - the renowned Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer for Lady Gaga,  U2, Jennifer Lopez, and others - is backing and promoting Alexej in the USA and international market. He changed Alexj's name to Alex Sparrow to make him more accessible to international fans. He aims to become the first Russian star to make it big in the international market.

Alexej enthuses about his collaboration with RedOne: “ I never thought it would be so easy working with such a big producer. The night before I met him, I thought he would tell me how to do things, what to do, etc. But no. I changed some words that were not comfortable for me to sing in English and it was really amazing - there was no problem.”

Many of the other performers are shy to admit that they are competing to win in this contest. Not Alexej: “It's not easy this year because we have a very high class of professional singers with very good voices. I feel this energy when everybody wants to win. Of course we are friends with the other teams, but in a game we can just kill each other and it's cool because after the contest we will be the best of friends. The competition makes all of us more powerful.”

Alexej has a very international team. In fact, he's the only Russian on board. He is joined on stage by Britta Bergström and Henrik Rongedala, two Swedish vocalists who are well known in their native country. Britta is an experienced veteran of Eurovision song contests: "I have been to Eurovision twice before, with Sweden in 2004 and Belgium in 2006. In the Swedish national selections, I've been a backing singer since 1996, when there was still a live orchestra." Alex joked that the Swedes will also be performing stuntwork on stage, as part of the ambitious staging effects and choreography.

It was announced that RedOne will personally come to the Esprit Arena to support his young Russian talent.

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