Alexej Vorobjov (Russia) 1st press conference

Among the many awards he has received in his native country, he was named the “Breakthrough of the Year” by Russia’s MTV Music Awards in 2007 and became Good Will Ambassador to the United Nations in that same year. He is under professional management from the renowned RedOne music production company, which has managed many top performers like Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, Usher, and J.Lo.

Alexej and RedOne wrote their contest submission “Get You” together for the contest and Alexej placed a few Russian lyrics at the beginning of the otherwise English version to, as he says: “put a little Russian heart in my song.” He also plans to produce an entirely Russian version for the song and video to show in his native country.

When asked about what he wants to achieve in his career, Alexej says: “I have a lot of ambitions. If you want to achieve something you have to aim very high. Europe is just the beginning…I didn’t see my parents for one year because I had no time. My brother doesn’t understand, but – although I love my family more – this is the time for work.” Alexej even has a tattoo on his head to remind himself of the importance of maintaining an excellent work ethic.

Despite how hard he works, Alexej obviously makes sure to keep his sense of humour. When asked which outfit of fellow RedOne client Lady Gaga he prefers, the Russian performer grinned and promptly replied: “Nude!”

So how does he maintain his energy and drive? In his words: “It’s not work. I love the audience and singing. And it’s great that I can do what I really love and people applaud – and sometimes I even get money for it!”

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