Alexander Rybak's film is released!

The winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Alexander Rybak shot to stardom all over Europe after a record breaking victory in Moscow. Just by looking at the landslide of votes he received, it was easy to predict that this was going to be huge! The reception he received at Oslo's Gardermoen airport the day after the contest, was the first in a long line of such greetings he would experience on his travels throughout Europe. 

Directed by acclaimed Norwegian director, Rune Langlo, Fairytale The Movie documents the weeks and months after Alexander's victory, following him on tour and exposing the man behind the violin.  The public only get to see Rybak perform, but this film goes backstage and really allows the fans to experience some of the finer and more behind-the-scenes details of touring.

As well as the actual film, the DVD includes footage from a concert held at the Operaen in Oslo where Alexander performed with artists such as Elisabeth Andreassen (winner of the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest as part of Bobbysocks) and Arve Tellefsen. The music videos for Fairytale, Funny Little World and Roll With The Wind are also included.


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