Alexander Rybak returns to Eurovision

In 2009 Alexander Rybak took Europe by storm by claiming an outstanding and record breaking victory for Norway in Moscow. His song Fairytale scored 387 points, more than any other artist in the history of the contest. 

But this year he is back... This time not as an artist but as a special reporter for Norwegian broadcaster, NRK. Alexander will be giving the low-down on all the artists and reporting on Norway's entry Stella Mwangi. 

 I must start being interested in fashion and other things to do with dresses as fast as possible. Such things are important in the world of Eurovision! - Alexander Rybak

Alexander is no stranger to the TV screens having competed in various talent shows before his victory in Moscow and subsequently being one of the most sought after musicians on the continent. His experience should also put him in good stead to provide coverage of the goings-on in Düsseldorf on behalf of NRK. 

Alexander described some of the things that irritated him as a competitor and which he hopes to avoid in Düsseldorf, "I'm not looking forward to irritated artists. Journalists often ask the same stupid questions again and again. Now I'm scared that I'll do the same. But I hope that I can think of some questions that set out the objectives of the interview a little too". 

In typical Rybak style, Alexander also hopes to use his new role as a way to find out if girls are single or not.... We shall soon see if this approach is successful!

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