Alexander Rybak launches album 'Fairytales'

The new record contains nine tracks and also features the winning Eurovision Song Contest track Fairytale.

  •    Roll With The Wind
  •    Fairytale
  •    Dolphin
  •    Kiss And Tell
  •    Funny Little World
  •    If You Were Gone
  •    Abandonded
  •    13 Horses
  •    Songs From A Secret Garden

You can enjoy the nine tracks on Alexander Rybak's official MySpace page. You can legally download the complete album via the iTunes music store (link opens iTunes application).

Rybak describes his album, which is being described as a pop-folk record, as a "mix between Norwegian optimism and Russian nostalgia". Meanwhile, record company EMI made the fast release of the Eurovision Song Contest winner's debute album a top priority across Europe.

Meanwhile, the song Fairytale is a rising star in charts across Europe. In Rybak's home country Norway, the song still tops the list of most popular tracks, followed closely by the singer's follow-up, Funny Little World. In Belgium, Fairytale also hit the #1 spot today.

Already, this year's Eurovision Song Contest winner is the most successful winning track of the past decade. "To benefit as much as possible from victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, it is crucial to get a strong album out across Europe. Alexander Rybak and his team understood that very well, and succeeded in that without doubt," said Sietse Bakker, Manager Communications & PR of the Eurovision Song Contest at the European Broadcasting Union. "Alexander is a very talented young musician, who has a bright future ahead. We certainly wish him the best of luck!"

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