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Alexander Rybak: "I won because I had a story to tell."

17 May 2009 at 03:37 CEST

Alexander Rybak and his dancers started the winner's press conference dancing on the table and singing their entry Fairytale. Afterwards he addressed the press, saying he had initially thought victory didn't matter, but now that he won, he found out that it did matter after all. The Head of the Norwegian delegation, Stian Malme, went on to congratulate the young singer, telling him that he was very proud of him.

The first question that was asked to Alexander Rybak was if the fact that he was born in Belarus helped him to win the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. He explained that Belarus is known for the melancholy of its people, whereas the happiest people in the world live in Norway. For him, the mix of both was a key for success. Another journalist reminded him that he had initially lost the Norwegian version of Pop Idol, and he asked him if he had ever thought he could lose the Eurovision Song Contest as well. He replied that, in his opinion, he lost Norwegian Idol as he wasn't among the best, but he won the Eurovision Song Contest as he was one of the best singers and he had a story to tell.

When Alexander Rybak was asked why he stopped crying even though he was close to tears just before his winning performance, he said that, as an artist, he knew he had to be professional and focused in order to give the public what they deserve -  a good performance. A journalist made the proposal that Alexander Rybak could write a song in Russian language and open the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with its performance. He replied that he would most definitely do so!