Alexander coming to your country?

"We know that you would like Alex to come to your country. After Alex won the Norwegian national finals, he was booked by many Norwegian concert promoters. Therefore, there has been a long tour in Norway after the Final in Moscow. Now, however, is the focus on the rest of Europe and other continents." That's what his team reported a couple of days ago. So, you can expect him to maybe even visit your country soon! The first concert in his schedule abroad is in Minsk, on the 28th of September. 

Continuing success

Alexander Rybak is featured on the frontpage of the Russian edition of the Billboard magazine as he placed first in their monthly album chart in June. He's already hit that place in the Russian airplay charts and many other countries. He even peaked as number three with his single Fairytale in Europe!

He also performed again in Moscow, visiting the show Russia's Got Talent. He did love being back in the place where he took his historical win, according to his own words. In the meantime, he also launched his album Fairytales in France, with his winning song performed in French!

Alexander Rybak started his international career this year when he won the 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with his record-beating score for the song Fairytale

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