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Alex Larke of Electro Velvet is presented with a birthday cake
Alex Larke of Electro Velvet is presented with a birthday cake
Photo: Elena Volotova (EBU)

Alex Larke still able to celebrate

Electro Velvet who represented the United Kingdom with Still In Love With You in this year's contest may not have achieved the result they were hoping for, finishing in 24th place with 5 points - but singer Alex Larke has still cause to celebrate, as it is his birthday today. 

Alex Larke is one half of the duo that comprised Electro Velvet, and today marks his 36th birthday. On Saturday night, shortly before the Final he was presented with an early present, a Eurovision themed cake, and was there to capture the moment. 




Eurovision 2015 cake
Eurovision 2015 cake © Elena Volotova (EBU)

Vienna is famous for its cakes, and the shops have taken advantage of the city staging Europe's Favourite Tv Show, by producing a variety of Eurovision themed cakes, and adding the flags of the various participating nations,

Alex Larke
Alex Larke © Elena Volotova (EBU)

Alex Larke is from Hertfordshire and shares his time from teaching in a primary school and performing as Mick Jagger in one of the biggest Rolling Stones tribute acts.

As part of the preparations for the contest, the Austrian broadcaster ORF asked all the contestants some possible questions to be used in the Green Room interviews, including what was their earliest memory of the Eurovision Song Contest? Alex recalled a memory of seeing people in a rowing boat - but the boat was on the ground!

After a little bit of detective work, was able to work out that it was from the 1981 contest, in the postcard film for Bucks Fizz, where the group are indeed sitting in a rowing boat, pretending to row, whilst the boat is still on the beach. What is more remarkable is that Alex must have been about two when he first saw this image from the contest, and the memory has stayed with him.

No doubt Alex will have many more happy memories from the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, despite the disappointing result.

Happy Birthday for today Alex!

Have you ever had your birthday on the day of the Eurovision Song Contest? How did you celebrate?