Alex and Oscar meet Eurovision fans in Munich

This year, Germany will be represented in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest by Alex Swings Oscar Sings, an act consisting of the young USA-born singer Oscar Loya and the German producer Alex Christensen. The latter has been very successful all over Europe recently with his song Doktorspiele ("Playing Doctor"), which he had also entered in the German national selection in 2008, where it was refused by the selection jury because of its explicite lyrics. In today's fan convention in Munich, Alex confessed that he had been very upset when his song was not accepted for the German final last year because, later on, it became a much bigger hit than any of the other competing songs. However, when he received a letter from NDR, the broadcaster in charge of the German participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, again this year, asking him to submit another entry, he was willing to give it another try.

At that moment, Alex already had a song in mind, but he was still looking for a suitable singer - which he found in Oscar Loya, a Californian musical singer. Alex was convinced that Oscar was the very right one to perform Miss Kiss Kiss Bang in Moscow, not only because of his singing and performing abilities, but also of his tap dancing skills! Oscar Loya admitted that he was really overwhelmed when he received Alex' phone call, telling him that their project had in fact been internally chosen to represent Germany in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. He said that, for him, performing in front of such a big and international TV audience could be the most important kick-off for his pop music career.

When the duo was asked what kind of performance they had in mind for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, they revealed that Miss Kiss Kiss Bang would also appear on stage during their act. They promised that she would be a famous, hot-looking celebrity, but they wanted to keep her name a secret until the final dress rehearsals in Moscow. Apart from that, they told the fans and press that they had hired a well-known and experienced technician to prepare a truly breathtaking LED scenery and to make the best possible use of pyrotechnical effects. Before their first rehearsals in Moscow, another big challenge awaits Alex and Oscar: They have been invited by Oprah Winfrey to be guests of her show - is it a proof that the Eurovision Song Contest has, finally, conquered the United States as well?

Watch the official video clip of Miss Kiss Kiss Bang here:


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