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Albania: White wings and red colours

05 May 2011 at 14:23 CEST

Feel the passion on stage

Aurela Gaçe's performance left nothing to be desired today, and very few changes had been made compared to the first rehearsal which took place last Sunday. The LED background for Albania's song stll consisted of white wings mixed with a red background. No smoke effects and fire were used today though. The lights used to illuminate the stage are also solely held in red and white.

Vocally, the song Feel The Passion came across as very strong, with Aurela hitting all difficult notes throughout the song perfectly.

The Albanian superstar decided to wear her final clothes today, an elegant creation in beige which works well with Aurela's red hair. Her backing singers, the guitar-player and the drummer are clad in black.

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Aurela backstage

Aurelia appeared backstage for the rehearsal with a new hairstyle.

"The hair style is special for today, not for the rehearsal. I had some flowers in the back of my head, so that's why," she told.

There is a national flavour in the song.

"It's important for me. I'm in a festival with 42 other countries, and I need to have my face in the performance."

"The song has something from Albania included. We all breathe the same in this big world, but we still grew up in different countries and have our small differences that make us individual. I don't wanna push it too hard, but I'm from Albania, and I love my country."

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Aurela answers the questions from the press

At the beginning of her press conference, Aurela presented her team who are from different countries like the UK and the USA.

Asked about the changes done in the rehearsal today, Aurela revealed that she felt really feminine in her dress today.

She also disclosed that the Eurovision Song Contest is popular in Albania even if she is only the 8th participant for the country in the history of the contest.

Aurela said she is here in Düsseldorf to have fun and not to break any records. Her idol would be Tina Turner and she hoped that she would convey the same energy on stage. She dreamt about being a performer since she was 13, and she would have been hard-working ever since.

"Music makes me free to fly", Aurela confessed at the end of the press-conference before performing her song acapella.

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