Albania: The beauty and her faceless prince

Already in her first rehearsal, Kejsi Tola showed an impressive choreography on stage together with three dancers and two backing vocals. Today, the press finally got to see the final costumes for the Albanian stage act. Kejsi herself was wearing a short white tulle dress and her backing vocals long white dresses. The two short dancers of hers were dressed all in black, and the tall dancer wore a green glittery spiderman costume, covering his whole body including his face! Thus, it looks like Kejsi really carries us in her dreams, as the lyrics of her song go! The elaborate choreography looked very secure today, with Kejsi standing on her dancers' backs and sitting on "spiderman's" shoulders at certain moments. To add to the excitement, the wind machine is used as well. Vocally, Kejsi was as secure and flawless as ever, leaving a very confident impression with the audience.

In the press conference, Kejsi Tola was asked about the fact that she had already been selected to represent Albania in December. She explained that the national final took place that early because it was part of the national song contest Festivali i Këngës, which had been organised yearly in December already since its founding in 1962. However, she was happy to get almost six months time to prepare her Eurovision Song Contest performance. Asked about the green spiderman-like dancer in the stage act, the choreographer Julian Bulku explained that he symbolized Kejsi's prince, who doesn't have a face yet as she is still so young and has yet to find the love of her life.


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