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Albania is alive with Elhaida Dani

15 May 2015 at 20:06 CEST
Elhaida Dani qualified for the final in 2015 EBU
Ever since she won The Voice Italy in 2013 it was written in the stars that Elhaida Dani had to represent Albania in Europe's favourite TV show one day. And that day has come! Minutes ago Elhaida just had her turn for a second rehearsal at the Wiener Stadthalle.

Before the rehearsal started we found Elhaida and her three female backing singers warming up their voices in their dressing room. "We have no secrets for you, everything is open and you can see it now" joked the Albanian Head of delegation before walking to the stage.

Elhaida is the centre of her performance, elegantly dressed in a black suit with a cape attached to it, also black with some embedded crystals. The stage is lit in café and cream colours creating a warm atmosphere for I'm Alive

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I felt very emotional this time

The postcard for Albania features the singer driving a caterpillar: "it was amazing because I don't have a driving licence yet, and the guy that accompanied me is still alive!!" joked Elhaida upon arrival at the Press conference hall.

"I always knew that Austria had this amazing nature, and it was an amazing feeling to be there and enjoy the landscapes" followed the Albanian performer.

A Dutch journalist asked Elhaida about one of her idols: "Yes, I performed on stage with Caro Emerald, and I'll never forget it even though I only had a few moments to talk to her, she was pregnant at the time... All in all it was a beautiful experience".

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Albania made a few changes since the first rehearsal: The backing singers outfit is not white anymore: "now they wear black and look stunning" Elhaida continued: "Another major change is that I was very emotional this time. All of a sudden I started to realise what a great experience this is". The Head of Delegation Kleart Duraj also confirmed that a few changes were made on the staging of the performance and praised the production of this year's show.

The singer was asked about her stay in Vienna so far and she said that, even though her manager is from Trieste, which could make her a bit Austrian, she has noticed that "she is far more strict that the people here actually are!". Also "I've found myself singing Rise Like A Phoenix at the hotel quite a few times now, I hope to meet Conchita at the Life Ball, she's great and I love her voice!" Elhaida concluded.