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Albania: A relaxed performance by Hersi

02 May 2014 at 15:59 CEST

"Right now I am not wearing my stage costume yet - but you deserve to see something new this time too, so I chose this dress", she told us, smiling, when she arrived in a colourful red and blue dress backstage. This dress, as well as the stage costume, were designed by Blerina Rugova - arent't they amazing?

She was first doing some vocal practises, then she left her dressing room. "I always drink water - never tea or alcohol - to prepare my voice, and I eat fruit, like now - apples", she told us her routine before performing.

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On stage, she showed her actual costume for the Semi-Final: a long beige dress with flower applications. All other artists were also wearing beige. 

The camerawork had many wide shots, for which the spidercam was used. With that, the atmosphere of the song, enforced by stage smoke, was captured nicely. 

When the arrangement of the song changes to the rock parts, the cameras for a short time center on the guitar player, who is standing on the catwalk left of the stage. It was a vocally excellent performance of the Albanian song One Night's Anger.

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"The first rehearsal was good, the second was amazing"

"The first rehearsal was good, the second was amazing", Hersi commented on in her press conference today. "Everything is perfect, the crew are doing a perfect job. I'm just enjoying. The only thing we changed since last time was our dresses."

Hersi is a studied opera singer, and she demonstrated that by a spontaneous aria sung to the press audience - a part of Turandot by Puccini. "I'm a different person when I sing opera and when I sing pop. Of course I am both though, so maybe I'm bringing a bit of opera music to Eurovision this year", she explained on her background.

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"My song invites everyone to let the anger out and bring on positivity", Hersi explained, added that it's also based on her personal experiences.

The press conference host asked Hersi to explain how she intended her song to stand out from the many ballad in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. "I'm gonna sing with my heart, with all my emotions, and I hope to reach all the people!", she replied.

"The stage is amazing because I am short, and I didn't wear shoes today on stage! I tried but I just couldn't", she admitted, laughing.