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Aisha: Third time lucky and raring to go

Aisha began her career at a very young age, and has had a broad and diverse experience within the music world. She explains "My father is lead singer in a rock group called Opus Pro, so music has been part of our lives since I can remember. I went to the music school for children where I studied the flute, I can also play piano. The reality show Talantu Fabrika gave me the first real concert experience and served as a great base to build my career on, but I am still learning, it's an ongoing process for me."

Music in the family

Aisha's first ever album was released in cooperation with her father and his group Opus Pro. Then came a first solo album in 2008 as well as some high profile TV appearances in Latvia. Aisha adds "The first solo album included the song You Really Got Me Going, which I entered in the 2008 Latvian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, it had songs with all possible moods and styles. In addition to the national selection participation, I hosted a number of TV shows and took part in the Dancing With The Stars show, all of which I feel have helped launch and boost my solo career."

In respect of missing out on two previous attempts to represent Latvia in the Belgrade and Moscow editions of Europe's Favourite TV show, Aisha believes that this happened for a reason. "Third time lucky you know!, I honestly think everything happens for a reason when the time is right for it to do so. The songs I had previously competed with were of a different style to What For?, so it's difficult to make direct comparisons. I felt an instant connection with What For?, and I had a lot of personal turmoil going on in my private life which raised my own questions Why? How? What For? etc. I guess it was the right time for me and the song to meet."

Latvia enjoys a quirky Eurovision profile

It has only been very recently that Aisha has actively followed the Eurovision Song Contest. Besides the previous Latvian entries which she was familiar with, her first general memory of the show was in 2006 watching Lordi win for Finland. She also was surprised at how quickly Latvia's first victory came after their debut in 2000. Aisha adds "Latvia only joined the Eurovision family in 2000 and I think that everyone in Latvia was silently hoping for us to win someday, but to win in 2002 with Marie N was a lot sooner than expected. I think we have created some kind of quirky country profile now thanks to our entries, which I don't think is a bad thing to my mind."

Last year, Aisha tasted her first experience of a large music festival having participated in the New Wave 2009 event. She feels that this has given her valuable experience and will assist her for her preparations in Oslo. The song she performed there was written by the same team who composed the winning entry What For?.

Reception at the Embassy

It was an emotional day for the Latvian delegation in the afternoon of May 22nd when the Latvian Embassy in Oslo opened its doors to welcome the Latvian delegation. During the family like gathering, the Ambassador, Andris Sekacis held the welcome speech along with the Head of Delegation, Iveta Lepesko, who thanked him and his diplomatic team for the support. Even the ambassador of Lithuania arrived to hand the flowers to Aisha. 

To show their gratitude about the warm welcome, Aisha and the girls from Riga Gospel choir held a little concert. The fact and the mood of the event were highlighted even with the whole ambassador’s family being present. The guests had a possibility not only to enjoy the Latvian music, but to taste the Latvian treats as well – the dark bread, Riga black balsams, candies, and the lemonade brought by Mr Sekacis himself. 

After the reception at the Latvian embassy the backing vocalists of Aisha headed to the gospel night taking place nearby Telenor Arena. Aisha was joined on stage by four singers of the Riga Gospel Choir, the only professional gospel choir in Latvia, it was the perfect opportunity share this moment of love for music. 

This content is unfortunately no longer available would like to thank Aisha and Latvian press officer Aija Medinika for arranging the interview.



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