Aisha asks What For?

Aisha is wearing a champagne coloured outfit, and is joined on stage by four female gospel singers all dressed in black. Smoke rises from the stage during the song. The performance is very emotive with Aisha  living the lyrics of the song, as her expressions are concentrated and pensive throughout.

The Latvian team have decided to concentrate on presenting the song and vocals rather than the backing singers pretending to wash clothes as in the national final performance. The team felt that the former stage performance detracted viewers and listeners from the lyrics of the song. A wind machine is used and the backdrop features six curtains draped against a dark setting.


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At the press conference Aisha and her team entered the room to a dance version remix of What For?. The team confirmed that they were pleased with the changes made to the presentation as a result of the first rehearsal.

Music runs in the family

When asked about what she had been doing in Oslo, Aisha also told of a trip that the delegation had been on in the last few days, visiting a local kindergarten with children aged one to five years old, where the pupils gave an impromptu performance of the Latvian entry which pleasantly surprised them.  Aisha also said that the team had been to visit a viking museum and some nice restaurants.

"I was in Afghanistan two years ago, it was very interesting and a little bit scary. When we arrived there, we met a lot of soldiers then we felt very safe. I felt proud of the performance, and that I did a good job there. All of the guys were happy as their life is so hard, and we gave them a concert. The funniest thing was when I was on stage, I was completely surrounded by guys, just me and hundreds of guys!".

Aisha said that she grew up with rock music as her father has a rock band. When I was a little girl my dad told me "Listen little girl, you should listen to some nice singers, and when you can sing their song, you can go on the stage yourself and you are ready. That was Janis Joplin I was listening to, my favourite artist."

There are plans to make a Latvian language version of the Eurovision Song Contest entry upon Aisha's return to Latvia. The group stepped down from behind the press conference desk and treated the attendees to an acapella performance of a song called Little Chicken, from a show that Aisha used to sing when she was a child. After that they also gave a rendition of a Janis Joplin song, where Aisha encouraged the press to join in with her. She received a rousing ovation at the end of the performance.

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