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Agnes and Darin as Interval act

16 May 2013 at 21:00 CEST

Since the 70s, we have talked about the Swedish pop miracle and legendary Eurovision winners, a group of four young artists called ABBA. In 1974, they brought a first Swedish victory at Eurovision Song Contest. Since then, ABBA has been in the musical spotlight.

Nevertheless, Sweden has a lot of other great musicians too. During the Interval act called Swedish Pop Voice, TV and web viewers across Europe are going to enjoy the performance of Darin and Agnes in the Second Semi-Final as well.

Darin is well known Swedish pop star of Kurdish descent, but he was born in Stockholm. He grew up in Husby and Viksjö, together with his parents and older sister. Darin is one of the Sweden’s best selling-artists hitting charts since 2005.

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Agnes Carlsson was only 17 years old when she released her first album. Her biggest European hit was Release Me. It turned into a huge clubbing anthem in 2008 with more then 900.000 sold copies, making up the charts in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, UK, ending up on the top of charts, including Billboard Dance Chart. This was one of two songs that Agnes has been most involved in, and their success was confirmation that this was her future.

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The Swedish pop diva is from Vänersborg, a small town also known as “Little Paris”, situated on the tip of Europe’s third-largest lake Vänern. Last year she published her fourth studio album Veritas, that debuted in Sweden at number three.