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After the show: Emotional artists backstage

11 May 2011 at 15:11 CEST

Poland: Magdalena Tul

"I hope I will release a new album now, but I'll need some time. I might also need a vacation."

Norway: Stella Mwangi

"I'm fine. It was a great atmosphere in the arena, everyone seemed to be singing Haba Haba."

Albania: Aurelia Gaçe

"I'm shocked. I had great feedback from everybody and a good performance, so I'm surprised. The performance felt great. I guess it's not about the singer, I don't know what's it about."

Turkey: Yüksek Sadakat

"I'm fine, this is a competition and we were always aware of that we might not go to the Final. We will continue to rock'n'roll. We already have a very good career, and we will do our music, no matter what happens, and music is gonna keep us alive. In May and June we have a couple of concerts, then we will have a vacation, and after that we will release our new album.

In the greenroom afterwards, we celebrated each other and didn't say much more. It's a surprise that Turkey didn't go through, and not a good surprise. We still believe that we have a very good and powerful song. Our commentator as many others had to work with a telephone connection, since the sound didn't work. We would like to know why."

Malta: Glen Vella

"It was an amazing feeling on stage, I enjoyed myself and did well, I went off the stage crying. I'll come back to the Eurovision Song Contest for sure! It was good sitting in the greenroom, but during the result I was like dying, and in the end of the day I'm not as happy as I wanted to be. But I will stay here and celebrate my birthday on Saturday!"

San Marino: Senit

"I'm a little bit sad, but it's okay. This was a good and happy experience. I think that San Marino should come back next year, we should try over and over again. I have a single coming out in two weeks now, and I already have an international tour booked."

Croatia: Daria

"I'm happy for being here and for the experience. Standing on the stage was a really great feeling, it was a great audience and great applause. Unfortunately, I won't have the opportunity to perform again on this great stage."

Portugal: Homens Da Luta

"We're happy, why not? We were dreaming of going to the Final, but life goes on, as is the struggle. We went with our conscience stream and wanted to give all our energy on stage. And maybe we'll come back next year, who knows?"