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After the Second Semi-Final: Smiles and melancholy backstage

13 May 2011 at 18:37 CEST

Dana International, still smiling, was the first one to leave the greenroom, immediately after the live broadcast of the Second Semi-Final. 3JS from the Netherlands were the last ones to leave, far later, after a long private talk.

The atmosphere backstage was very positive, with most non-qualifiers smiling and celebrating a work well done. Bulgaria's Poli Genova was emotional, saying "This is the first time I'm really proud of myself". Jan Dulles from the 3JS also had a big experience on stage, saying that the Eurovision Song Contest has been a life-changing experience to him.

Who expected to go through, who didn't expect it, and who felt that the broadcast performance was their best with the song ever? Read all the comments from the non-qualifying artists here...

The Netherlands: 3JS

Lead singer Jan Dulles: "I'm all right. We stayed in the greenroom and talked about it after the broadcast. There's nothing to do about it. The performance was the best we could do, I was very satisfied. We have a lot of gigs for the coming two months in the Netherlands, so I will forget this result at the moment we come back. But the Eurovision Song Contest was an experience I will never forget, a life-changing experience. It was such a thing, such a big media thing... A once in a lifetime experience."

Belgium: Witloof Bay

Beat boxer RoxorLoops: "I expected this. I knew there was a good chance not to go through, and also a chance to go through. But if you look at the songs they chose in this Semi-Final, it's logical that we were not chosen. We're far more cool, just singing. I don't know what or why or where, but I'm not disappointed. I will go on singing of course, it's my life! And we've been singing together in the band for five years, so we will surely go on."

Slovakia: TWiiNS

"It was amazing on stage, actually. And life goes on."

Cyprus: Christos Mylordos

"I'm fine, it was amazing standing on stage, and I'm very satisfied with my stage performance. You can't predict the Eurovision Song Contest, so you can expect every result. We came here, we had fun, we did what we had to do correctly, so I'm okay with myself and everything."

Bulgaria: Poli Genova

"I'm fine, we are very proud of what we've done. I'm really pleased and happy with our performance. Now, every emotion is getting out of me. I was really proud of all of my team and myself when I went off stage. This is the first time I'm really proud of myself. I've been building this up for twenty years, since I started when I was four years old, and this was my first big moment."

F.Y.R. Macedonia: Vlatko Ilievski

"It was great on stage, a lot of people and a great atmosphere. I just did my song, which is a Macedonian hit. Back home, I'm singing for a political party, and the day I'll come back to Macedonia, I have fifteen days on tour, day by day."

Israel: Dana International

"I'm fine, but a little bit disappointed. The tension in the arena is what comforts me, the fans were wonderful. Having been here has been an experience. I'm happy I did it, it makes me stronger. I felt okay in stage, I felt excited and that I was good."

Belarus: Anastasiya Vinnikova

"I don't know why people didn't vote that much for us, it's a surprise to me. I think we did everything we could. The performance was great. I am really satisfied with what I have done and what my team has done, I'm very grateful for their support. The result is a surprise, it's a pity. I'm going home now, and when I get there, I'll think about what to do now."

Latvia: Musiqq

Lead singer Emīls Balceris: "It was really good standing on stage, this was our best performance of the song during all the period. When you get on the stage, it just happens. It was a little bit nervous in the greenroom. This time, we didn't last, but there were many good songs passing through, so it's okay for us. And who knows, after one or two years, we might be here again. When we'll get home, we'll relax a bit, and I will need to study for my exam. We have many concerts in Latvia in the summer booked up already, and of course, we'll work on our new album."