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Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko win Festivali i Këngës!

23 December 2012 at 01:13 CET

For the last three evenings the Festivali i Këngës has been held at the Palace of Congresses in Tirana where 26 songs were originally presented for this year's competition. Seventeen acts performed in tonight's final, among them Kejsi Tola who represented Albania in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow and the very first performer from Albania in Eurovision, Anjeza Shahini.

This was the line-up for the final (winner in bold, ranking and points between brackets):

  1. Ardian Bujupi - I Çmendur Pas Teje (I'm Crazy About You) (11th-10p)
  2. Valon Shehu - Nuk Do Të Ndal (I'm Not Gonna Stop) (15th-0p)
  3. Merland Kademi - Këtu Fillon Parajsa (Heaven Starts Here) (5th-40p)
  4. Kelly - Ylli Im Polar (My Polar Star) (12th-3p)
  5. Rezarta Smaja - Ti... (You...) (7th-36p)
  6. Kejsi Tola - S'jemi Më Atje (We're Not There Anymore) (4th-42p)
  7. LYNX - Si Ty Askush (Nobody Like You) (14th-1p)
  8. Hersi Matmuja - Kush Ta Dha Këtë Emër (Who Gave You His Name) (3rd-48p)
  9. Rosela Gjylbegu - Dëshirë (Wish) (10th-11p)
  10. Flaka Krelani - Labirint I Zemrës (Labyrinth Of The Heart) (6th-39p)
  11. Vesa Luma - S'jam Perfekt (I'm Not Perfect) (16th-0p)
  12. Anjeza Shahini - Love (2nd-62p)
  13. Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko - Identiet (Identity) (1st-74p)
  14. Bojken Lako - Lotë? Jetë? Dashuri? (Tears? Life? Love?) (8th-27p)
  15. Selami Kolonja - Ku Je? (Where Are You?) (17th-0p)
  16. Dr.Flori & Fabi - Jam Ti! (I'm You) (9th-11p)
  17. Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija - Arti I Një Fundi (The Art Of An Ending) (13th-2p)

Ani Çuedari and her song Më Ler Një Ëndërr were disqualified due to an authorship request. Among the guest stars in the interval, the winners of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest Ell/Nikki from Azerbaijan and last year's winner of Festivali i Këngës, Rona Nishliu and a message from the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Mr.Jon Ola Sand.

The results depended on the jury voting only. Among the experts in the jury, the Italian Head of Delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest, Mr.Nicola Caligiore who greeted and gave the points in English for all the viewers from the webcast. This is how the final results were shown on the screen:

Third place for Hersi Matmuja and her song Kush Ta Dha Këtë Emër (Who Gave You His Name). The runner-up was the first ever entrant for Albania in Eurovision Anjeza Shahini with her song Love. And the winner is Identiet (Identity) performed by Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko, a powerful balkan-rock song.

You can watch the show on demand on our ESCTV!

Last year Albania achieved its best placing to date in the Eurovision Song Contest, fifth with Rona Nishliu and the song Suus. Now Adrian and Bledar will try to improve that success in Malmö with Identiet.