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Aarzemnieki have the perfect recipe

28 April 2014 at 13:36 CEST

Many consider being second in the running order on stage, as one of the more unlucky positions to perform in the contest, but it certainly doesn't seem to affect Aarzemnieki.

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Even the background image on the LED screens is relaxing, with a tree lined park image decorated with lights

Violoinist and singer Katrina Dimanta was eager to appear on the stage, "I thought I would be nervous, but now I'm looking forward to it" she stated after having completed the soundchecks backstage.

The casual approach is also reflected in their stage outfits, which will be the same outfits they will be wearing when they perform in the live Semi-Final.

Changing the mix

The group experimented a bit  on stage with their positioning with the opening of the song, initially starting centre stage, but by the time of the final run through, Joran and Raitis Vilumovs did a reverse shot, with the camera looking out at them from the stage, and the audience in the background.

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Both made further use of the stage during the song, by once again moving out to the front, adding some variety to the staging. 

All in all, a very engaging performance, and unlike the cake, they do have a clue as to what they are doing on stage.