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Aarzemnieki from Latvia: Always happy!

06 May 2014 at 17:00 CEST

When Jöran Steinhauer, main singer of the band Aarzemnieki from Latvia, is around, it's never boring. He likes to win people's hearts by singing songs and playing along on his guitar spontaneously, and combined with his versatile talents in foreign languages, the outcome is always: fun!

This year, the Latvian delegation have organizsd a cosy tea party, and the artists from neighbouring Estonia and Lithuania as well as from Albania and Armenia were happy to come. Aarzemnieki did some great live music performances - of course including much improvising! One of the highlights was when Hersi from Albania taught Jöran how to sing opera - and indeed they managed great with their individual version of Vivo Per Lei!

Check out our footage from the party below:

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Of course Aarzemnieki are always busy recording videos too. You can check out their Youtube Channel, and be sure to watch a particularly funny clip they did, where they try to convince the people from San Marino to vote for Latvia tonight: