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Jedward returned to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012
Jedward returned to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012
Photo: EBU

A water fountain for Waterline

Before they made a return appearance to the Eurovision stage, we caught up with the Head of Delegation from RTE, Julian Vignoles, to check on preparations before their first rehearsal in Baku.

"We are just getting everything sorted out, like make up etc, and the boys are getting very excited. We have a water fountain, and I'm very nervous to see how it works, and that everything moves when it is supposed to move, and that everyone is calm and takes it easy,  I hope everything works well for the first rehearsal."

He continued "I think it is easier for the boys this year, as they know the ropes from last year, and we also have one of our backing singers back from last year."

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Water and fire

Twin brothers,John and Edward Grimes, otherwise known as Jedward, were dressed in  bright blue sparkly tailcoats. Their choreography had similar elements to their 2011 entry, and they displayed the same energy as they showed a year ago.

After the initial run through with the sound checks, they moved onto the camera rehearsals, and the big question was whether the water fountain effect would work out as planned or not? Part of the choreography saw Jedward standing on the central raised dais, with the pair looking up to the overhead camera, and the four backing singers surround the dais, also looking up. It all looked pretty standard on the first camera rehearsal, and there were a few water fountain effects thrown in for good measure.

At the end there were obviously further discussions taking place on stage regarding the fountain, and then it was time for the second camera rehearsal. This time when the boys stepped onto the dais, as the pair stood in the middle, the water fountain then came on, and the boys were encircled by the water. It made for a very impressive effect, and everyone looked much happier at the result.

The final rehearsal then went one step further by including the pyro effects, which again came mainly into play when Jedward were standing in the middle of the fountain, and added to the overall visual look of the song.

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Press Conference

Although it was the final press conference of the day, it was well attended, and Jedward didn't fail to entertain the fans and press who had been attending the rehearsals all day. They sported outfits that resembled pop corn containers, and the conference table and floor was covered with pop corn. They also sung parts of both Lipstick and Waterline.

Like many of the contestants this year, they were asked who they thought would provide the biggest competition to them? They agreed that Sweden and the Russian grannies were amongst their favourites, and with having a Swedish composer (Nick Jarl)  as part of their team, and having a big fan base in Sweden, they were naturally drawn to that country.

The pair were joined onstage by their mentor Linda Martin, and their backing singers. Not surprisingly Linda Martin faced a few questions herself about her experience in 1992, and she pointed out she herself had a Swedish connection, as she won the contest when it was staged in Malmo in Sweden.

Linda considered it a pleasure to be working with Jedward, and that not only was she their mentor, but also considered the pair as her friends, and that it was a joy to work with them. Linda was very happy with the way the first rehearsals had gone, and that everything was falling into place.

Comparisons with last year's entry were inevitable, and that while Lipstick had been a catchy pop song, Waterline had a deeper meaning, as it was about love. They realised that in order to progress further in the contest than they did last year, that the song needs to appeal to more than just the televoters and their younger fans, but also to a wider audience, and of course to the all important jurors.

Stay tuned to as we update you on the Irish rehearsal and press conference later.