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A touch of Nashville for the Netherlands

02 May 2014 at 21:01 CEST

After a successful first rehearsal, the Common Linnets were back for their second one this evening. Backstage, they appeared to be on a high, saying, "we are so happy with the support we have received from Denmark". It also appears this support has been reciprocated as Ilse DeLange was wearing her stage costume today; a dress designed by a renowned Danish designer. 

On stage, the visual performance does not appear to have changed very much, the main difference being that both Waylon and Ilse DeLange were in their stage costumes. Ilse was wearing a white number, with an almost feathery texture to it. Waylon was wearing black leather trousers, with large silver studs along the side and a black jacket and cowboy hat. 

On stage The Common Linnets were once again joined by a bassist, cellist and drummer to compliment the pair who stood opposite each other. 

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The LED screens again reflected the journey from storm to calm with road markings being simulated on the floor screens and a rainy forest transforming to a calm dry forest scene, abstractively being reflected on the rear screens. 

Vocally, the pair were right on the mark, producing a very convincing rendition of Calm After The Storm and after each run through, they received raptuous applause form the audience.  

"Everything we could wish for"

The Common Linnets were cheered into the press conference room by the waiting press and fans. The first thing they were asked was how their rehearsal went to which Ilse replied, "it went very well. After the first rehearsal we had some comments about the graphics and they changed everything. It was everything we could wish for. The production here is wonderful". 

Ilse DeLange talked about her guitar, a vintage Gibson from 1904. She said it was borrowed especailly for her performance. 

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They were also asked about what makes them different from the other acts, and Ilse replied: "It's music you can play with your guitar and the emotion it comes naturally". She went on to say, "our performance is definitely just about the music". 

Waylon was asked about whether they will go back to their solo careers at the end of their performances. He said, "Eurovision was a perfect platform for us to come together but when we get home we will definitely go back to our solo careers". 

Waylon also said he would definitely consider doing the Eurovision Song Contest again. Ilse DeLange, however said, "I'm not sure. Before Anouk last year I would never have considered it but we'll see". 

A message to the fans. 

Here is a message from The Common Linnets to their fans:

The Netherlands will take part in the first Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest on the 6th of May.