A Serbian reflection 2 weeks on

Two weeks have passed since the final night of the Eurovision Song Contest, and life goes on here in Belgrade. But how does the aftermath appear in the eyes of Belgrade’s citizens? A great two weeks of course ended with the Russian victory for Dima Bilan. Some people are very happy with the results and others speculate that the competition was fake, and the usual voting complaints emerge as they do every year.

Anyway everybody is looking forward to next year and making plans for Moscow. The whole event was fully covered from press centre to rehearsals
including parties and conferences. But do you know what it meant to people here and how it all looked for Serbians? Let's find out…

Belgrade, which was full of tourists and journalists is now empty and looks kind of sad .The euphoria that lasted for two weeks finished on Sunday 25th May
when most of visitors left Serbian capital. The same day, posters and signs of the Eurovision Song Contest were taken down and it looks as though the Contest never took place in Belgrade! In the hearts of the citizens however, it can't be forgotten because it was a very important event for this small country. Beside the great friendships that were made during the contest, Serbians were very proud to be hosts, and to do their best to change the tainted picture and impressions of Serbia which were following us around for years.

This was the first time that Belgrade could show Europe that we are ready for big things. Everybody was very friendly and open to offer any kind of help. Speaking to a lot of journalists and listening to their impressions of the whole organisation, I was glad to hear that we succeeded in making everybody feel pleasant like at home. The only complaints were about public transport and the prices of hotels which were higher then usual. But the biggest percentage of people would like to visit Belgrade again and we would be more than happy to be hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest again. 

Until the next time we will wait with hearts full of beautiful memories, listening to this year's songs and trying to make new song even better than "Molitva" so that we can bring the contest back to Belgrade :-)

Eurovision.tv would like to thank Andrea for providing an insight in to the return to life for a city after hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. 

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