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A record number of song submissions in Estonia

Estonia is a small country, yet in 7 years it has received a total of 1,128 songs for its national selection Eesti Laul. In 2015 alone the total is an impressive 219, the biggest haul ever! 

The top 20 songs are currently being chosen interally and will be published at 18:00 CET (19:00 EET) on the daily Ringvaade show hosted by Marko Reikop. 

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Heidy Purga (producer of Eesti Laul) says it’s a big compliment for the contest to have received such a high number of entires: "We have been on a tidal wave for years now. I don’t remember there having been so much direct communication with different artists before the deadline, all from enquires about the appropriate title for their entries to questions regarding the rules. We can say that Eesti Laul is a unique event, which artists set their sights on".

Mart Normet (head of entertainment) said, "We’re proud. Exaggerating slightly, I can say that everyone is here: the good old artists as well as new talents. The competition will be fierce."

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Eesti Laul 2015: Facts & figures

  • 219 songs submitted; to be published on the 4th of December on the Ringvaade show.
  • The first semi-final will take place on the 7th of February 2015,
  • The second semi-final is planned for the 14th of February 2015,
  • The final round is scheduled for the 21st of February 2015.


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