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A powerful universal beat for Molly

04 May 2014 at 13:19 CEST

Apart from Molly on stage, there is a drummer (Joe Yoshida), three female backing vocalists (Katie Holmes, Victoria Beaumont, and Sharleen Linton)  and one male backing vocalist (Lincoln Jean-Marie). Today Molly was just wearing casual clothes, her stage outfit will be revealed on the second rehearsal on Tuesday.

All smiles

Like every other delegation Molly and her team undertake the in-ear sound checks prior to going on stage. This also gives the artists the chance for a vocal warm-up as well, and helps to create a bond between the performers, and prepares them for their appearance on stage. Molly was being encouraged by the BBC Head of Delegation (Guy Freeman) to smile a bit more during her sound checks. Molly duly obliged as she relaxed into the sound check.

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Powerful drum beat

Molly takes centre stage in front of the drummer, with two backing vocalists each side of the drumkit. There is some dry ice, creating a fog effect at the opening of the song. the drum beat is very powerful throughout the anthemic Children Of The Universe. Towards the song's conclusion Molly moves further forward  on the stage.

The background screens initially show some growing flowers, interspersed with some flashing gold bars, before changing to a deep red on the cube edges then something akin to Chinese lanterns rising in the air on the , then evolving into waving white lights, just like the audience waving along in time to the beat of the song.

As in all rehearsals taking place in the arena, it is the final one that includes any pyros or special effects, and with Children Of The Universe, there is some 'golden rain'' to use the description applied by the floor manager, which runs down the front of the cube.

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