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A powerful expression of love from Israel

11 May 2013 at 19:26 CEST

Moran Mazor received a huge welcome in the hall from all the gathered press and fans who had come to see this, her second rehearsal. 

Vocally, Moran is nothing but confident, not missing a note once. She also has a lot of passion and emotion in her voice seemingly taking energy from the people in the hall there to support her. 

On stage Moran is joined by a piano and two backing singers. Already starting quite powerfully, the song builds up to reach a very powerful finish. 

The camera work concentrates on conveying the emotion in Moran's body language and vocal expression so there are lots of close up shots using the steadycam. On stage the setting is very simple in order to draw the viewer to Moran and the lyrics of Rak Bishvilo, a powerful love song. 

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Moran comes across as a very warm person, who between rehearsals, stood on stage laughing and joking with her entourage; the sequins on her long black dress twinkling under the stage lights. 

"We are all here for the music"

Moran was welcomed with raptuous applause from the waiting press and a sizeable Israeli contingent. 

She talked about playing in the military band in Israel for two years, an experience that made her, "wake up in the morning with a smile on my face". 

Moran is very philosophical person, describing music as the most important thing in the Eurovision Song Contest and that the reason people are here is for that and "not for the dress or anything else". 

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She said the song was written about a guy who had broke her heart in an attempt to get him back but that he didn't come back. She did however say, "did you see the guy in my video? He is hot!". 

To finish off the press conference, Moran had a lovely suprise for us; she sang her own version of last year's winning song Euphoria!