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A place for orphans in Eduard Romanyuta’s heart

10 May 2015 at 13:27 CEST
With this year’s official Eurovision motto “Building Bridges”, Eduard Romanyuta gains more meaning not only in music world but also in his readiness to help and share with others. Some weeks ago, the singer started his donation campaign in Moldova and visited an orphanage in Congaz village, UTA Gagauzia.

Recently, the Moldovan representative and his team visited a Moldovan orphanage, where Eduard spent hours with children playing and singing with them. The singer has also given a certain part of his income as a donation to the orphanage. But, how sadly it sounds, the financial support will never replace parental affection, but Eduard’s whole team hopes that a little bit of support, warm words  and care will bring joy and serenity on children’ faces.

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With this big-hearted gesture, the Moldovan participant with the Ukrainian nationality builds bridges not only at the European level, but also between two neighboring countries, Ukraine and Moldova, between those who smile and those requiring help for a merry twinkle face. Children were the ones who have enormously sensitized Eduard.