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A parachute in the LED sky for Georgia

29 April 2014 at 18:02 CEST
The Shin and Mariko took a parachute on stage in 2014 EBU

Mariko, lead singer of the Georgian act, and the band members of The Shin were obviously enjoying themselves during their rehearsal, singing and making music even during the breaks.

The main colour of the stage scenery is blue, with cloudy skies displayed on the LED backdrop, fitting the song lyrics of Three Minutes To Earth. The image of the freedom of the skies was further emphasized by a parachute worn by one of the drummers! The song ends with a view of a sunset over a mountain scenery.

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On stage the Georgian musicians were not just singing, they were indeed playing their instruments too, as everyone in the arena could notice. However, the TV public will only get to hear them in a recorded version from the backing track.

Playing with the "Three-minutes-rule"

Before their first rehearsal, Mariko Ebralidze and the musicians of The Shin were relaxing backstage. Zaza Miminoshvili, one of the band members, explained about the concept of the band and the Eurovision Song Contest: "The most important thing is the vision of this contest: It's a festival of people, and all countries are bringing their soul. About Eurovision, it's very unusual for us to play with backing track. Usually we always perform everything live, vocals and all instruments. And I promise that, on my guitar, I will play every single note that you hear in the arrangement too - it's my small protest against silent instruments."

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Eugen Eliu, composer and producer of the song, told us a bit more about how the idea of the song, Three Minutes To Earth, came to their minds: "The rule that a song needs to be three minutes long seems strange in the beginning but then we decided to play with it, and we used it for the lyrics. Just think of something like a stairway to heaven, but the other way round - to the earth - and we are travelling this way in our three minutes on the Eurovision stage."

Mariko Ebralidze, the vocalist of the Georgian act, described her feelings before going on stage for us: "I'm a little bit nervous but music is always helping. I hope today everything will be fine today, with the help of our music."