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A lot of positive energy for Switzerland

30 April 2014 at 15:20 CEST

Sebalter was bursting with energy in his first rehearsal today - running across the stage while whistling and playing the violin at the same time, playing the drum, and of course singing his cheerful song Hunter Of Stars.

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The Swiss artists were all wearing black vests above white shirts today, while the main colours of the stage was blue with fiery elements moving on the LED backdrop and the main cube structure in the stage center. To emphasize this effect, pyros were used in addition - first explosion effects in the start of the song, later a waterfall pyro in front of the stage.

Loads of positive energy backstage

"I feel very very good, with a lot of positive energy", Swiss representative Sebalter told us before rehearsing the first time in Copenhagen. "I can't wait - we're backstage just now, and I know that the stage is right next to me. It's difficult to keep calm, knowing that I will soon be there. It's a fantastic feeling!"

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Sebalter is just being himself while on stage: "That's my personality. I move a lot, even when I'm just talking like in this very moment. And that's exactly how I am on stage too."

So, what will we see during the rehearsal today? "A lot of energy!", Sebalter says. "Especially during my violin solo, I will be running. It's a huge stage, and we will use this opportunity, and I am really looking forward to that!"

After his rehearsal, Sebalter came back to our studio - and they have a surprise for you: An instrumental piece of the 2009 Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak and his Fairytale:

Sebalter and his team arrived in Copenhagen yesterday, and they've been enjoying themselves in the city so far: