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A look back at Andorra

25 July 2012 at 23:16 CEST

Andorra first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004, in the year that the Semi-Final system was introduced. Marta Roure had the honir of being the first Andorran representative, but unfortunately failed to make it to the Final in Istanbul with Jugarem A Estimar Nos.

Andorra's record at a glance

  • First participation -  2004 - Marta Roure - Jugarem A Estimar Nos
  • Best result - 12th place in Semi-Final (2007)  - Anonymous - Salvem El Món
  • Semi-Final record - 0/6 attempts successful - 0% qualification record
  • Highest score in the competition - 80 (2007 Semi-Final) - Anonymous - Salvem El Món

You can see the full information about all of Andorra's participants and entries here in our participants page.

2007 was by a long distance Andorra's closest attempt at making the Grand Final. Many of the press and fans were surprised that Anonymous did not make it through the Semi-Final. You can see a clip of the 2007 entry below.

Andorra facts and figures

  • Andorra have tended to prefer the female soloist for their Eurovision Song Contest entries, and have opted for this format on no fewer than five of their six entries
  • Although they have never made the Grand Final of Europe's Favourite TV Show, Andorra were only 11 points away from qualification in 2007
  • Over their six years of participation, during the voting in the Final, the Andorran juries have awarded Spain the maximum 12 points on five occasions. These being 2004,2005,2006,2008,and 2009
  • The only other country to score 12 points from Andorra in the Final was in 2007, when Ukraine's Verka Serduchka gained the maximum
  • British stand up comedian Justin Lee Collins approached Andorra to become their participant in the 2010 edition of Europe's Favourite TV Show, however due to costs Andorra were not able to oblige