A look at the European charts!

The Swedish entry Hero by Charlotte Perrelli has been comfortably sitting on the No.1 spot in the Swedish top 60 for weeks now and her new album - which will also be called Hero - is due for release next week. Charlotte's record-company Universal Music is hoping to repeat the success of the single!

The Finnish metal band Teräsbetoni is eager to succeed Lordi as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, and commercially, they already followed Lordi's path as their album Myrskyntuoja entered the official Finnish Top 40 at No.1 some weeks ago and can still be found in the top 10. 

Germany's hope, the girl-group No Angels, hit No.4 with their Eurovision Song Contest song Disappear some weeks ago. The band also re-released their album Destiny - now called Destiny Reloaded - with additional tracks and a DVD comprising lots of videoclips and a live concert.

Another big success for a 2008 entry is reported from Belgium where Ishtar's O Julissi went to the No.1 spot in the official Flemish charts and is still at No.2 at this moment. Ishtar continues the success of Flemish entries as her predecessors Xandee and Kate Ryan also reached No.1 in Flanders in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

Greece's singer Kalomira has just released her CD-single of Secret Combination which is expected to top the Greek charts in the next weeks. Dustin the Turkey, Ireland's controversial singer, is also due to release his Eurovision Song Contest song and everyone expects him to reach No. 1 in the Irish charts! Stay with us with more charts information later this month!

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