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A joyful song from Lithuania

They are not a couple, but they look very good together that they easily could be. Good chemistry between two singers, Monika and Vaidas, and their positive energy on stage is just contagious.

Butterflies in the stomach

It doesn't matter who you love, the main thing - it is sincere, it comes from your heart and it makes you happy. That what the Lithuanian song This Time is about. The bright colours on the stage were chosen according to the spirit of love and joy. And like the first love, Monika and Vaidas wear costumes in fresh and tender colours. She - a beautiful short dress with loose lower part and some blue and pink decorations on it. He - in a light grey elegant costume.  

Two female and two male backing vocalists accompanied the main singers on stage. They all created a great choreography dancing and flirting with each other showing that love is in the air.

Gallery: The Lithuanian first rehearsal

"The important thing is that we get out of a cold" accompanied the Lithuanian delegation on their way to the Wiener Stadthalle. Both artists are recovering from a cold in the moment that's why they will use their voices very carefully and "keep them on the low" during today’s first rehearsal. Monika is a little bit nervous, and Vaidas will get nervous when he gets on the stage, the artists explained. "But it is a technical rehearsal, so actually there is no reason to be very nervous. The technical stuff is gonna be ok as we work with professionals here. The important thing is that we get out of a cold," said Vaidas.

Are you excited about their costumes? - "We're looking good," Monika said, trying to keep more details in secret.

Vaidas and Monika started working together during the national selection in Lithuania. "It happened spontaneously. Initially This Time was my song. I sent it as my entry. Some of the organisers and TV producers came to the idea to try out with duets. And we could choose This Time".

There is no love or other intimate feelings behind Vaidas and Monika's kiss in the end of the performance - it is a construction that works very well. "It was written on the lyrics: "One kiss, and you will see what you've missed. So we decided to try it out and it worked very well," told Monika.

"This is a song about love and  true feelings. We just want to remember the feeling that we still have in our hearts: first love and first kiss. It is a cheerful and a humble song. You have to take it as it is," said singers.

Gallery: Meeting Monika and Vaidas on their way to the Wiener Stadthalle