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A huge crowd gathers at Lena's press conference

Posted 13 May 2011 at 19:20

Lena started the press conference by introducing her team, including Maja and Angie, two of her backing vocalists, and Thorsten Amarell, the Head of the German delegation. After that she commented on her Dress Rehearsal: “It was very nice. I was very nervous though, as it almost seemed like the real live show.”
“The Eurovision Song Contest is a thing where you don’t have a single minute for yourself, with press conferences, boat trips, events,” she added referring to her schedule in the past days.
A journalist asked Lena about her role in a car advertisement. Lena explained that it was her own decision to take part in it because she thought it was a good idea, and that she could always decide herself what to do with regards to marketing and promotion.
“Are you afraid of being forgotten?”, a journalist asked Lena. “Not till now,” was Lena’s short answer. Lena went on to state that she didn’t feel any pressure regarding her participation in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, and that so far she hasn’t lost her voice despite the many interviews she had to give.
An Australian journalist asked Lena if Taken By A Stranger was meant to boost her international career and to become as big as Lady Gaga. Lena replied: “I don’t wanna be Lady Gaga. I wanna be me.”
As to the Eurovision Song Contest, Lena appealed not to take it too serious but just to enjoy it and consider it entertainment. She welcomed the idea of a worldwide song contest.
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